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HPTrader Estate Tag Sales & eBay Consignment is owned and operated by LaNee & Fred Pfeiffer.

Fred and LaNee have been in the retail and antiques business for over 40 years. LaNee has been a fulltime seller on eBay for over 25 years managing over 250 auctions at most times.  They and their team are experienced in the necessary organization, presentation, pricing, marketing/advertising and sale techniques to maximize the proceeds of each and every sale they conduct.  The search for those hidden treasures is exciting and rewarding.  Their expertise covers General Household Goods to Antiques & Collectibles including Art, Jewelry, Glassware & Pottery, Furniture, Memorabilia, Sterling Silver, Coins & Currency, Vehicles, Appliances as well as categories. Placing the correct price on each and every item is done through research of like items for the area and current market.

Our liquidation services include:

  • On-Site Sales – staged and organized 2–5-day sales

  • Selling on-line items of a higher value, rare or unusual

  • Buy-outs of whole estates or estate items

  • Cleanout/Picker Sales – sales made through negotiation



LaNee & Fred

PERSONAL NOTE from the founders:

Hi! 🙂 We're the founders of HP-Trader; LaNee & Fred.

We have been in the antiques & collectible business for over 40 years. At one time we had 4 small gift stores and I (LaNee) managed a co-op mall of 16 shop owners under 1 roof. I have been selling on eBay for over 25 years keeping 250+ items listed at all times. (Some are consignments items.)

Fred is retired from a 42-year career with the railroad as a Customer Service Manager. We both love to keep busy!


Then the estate sale business found us... And we were hooked!  It’s all about the search – never knowing what hidden treasure we may find.

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