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REMEMBER THE CARDINAL RULE:  Never throw it out until you call us! You might be surprised at what really IS collectible or sellable these days.

Moving? Hold a Tag Sale! As professionals we can help ease the stress of your move, lessen the load and raise immediate money.

If you are preparing for a move, contact us for a no-cost consultation and let us help by organizing, marketing and holding a Tag Sale. Whatever the type of move – across the country, down the street,  to assisted living – it is a perfect time to downsize by selling excess personal property, assets and possessions, lessening stress of moving. We all accumulate excess and now is the time to lessen the burden while maximizing the financial results.


We offer a no cost consultation and provide complete service. Estate Tag Sales are one of the best methods for someone in the position of downsizing as they allow for the proper marketing and sale of the contents, from general household goods to antiques and collectibles. We offer the benefit of experience and knowledge to:

  • Organize

  • Sort

  • Clean

  • Value and Price

  • Market

  • Sell estate contents

  • Leave property empty and  in broom clean condition ready for sale or new owners

...while maximizing financial results.

Our fees are competitive so call us for a free, no obligation consultation today! 

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